How to Create Ads by Advertisers in Mytrafficthunder

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To create ads in mtt, New customers should first sign up, sign up here or login to your account

Create New Ad
Click on ‘New Ad’, give your new ad a title (this title will not be seen by customers)
Choose ad type of your choice, click on continue.

You need to finish you ad by filling the blank space provided. Input the link URL (your site page where prospective customers will be directed to). You may also need to upload a banner (Let’s design a befitting banner for you). You also input the ‘alt’ tag to give more information to your customers. Click on ‘save’

Create a Campaign

Before your ads can run, you must create a campaign with it.

Here you can choose your ad to run on impression or clicks or both.
You also choose which day of the week you want your ad to run.
You can also specify the hours of the day when you ad is to run
You can also limit the amount of impressions or click you want to use on an ad at a time
Lastly, you can choose to pay for the campaign. If you choose to pay for this campaign, after you click on save, you will be directed to where you make payment.
or you can choose to use your current balance for this campaign (from your last order). You can make order (bulk purchase of impressions or clicks)

Then click on save.

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